list of some finish knitted stuff

so far the sunday knitting project that i start a few months ago, had gain some result and made me more patient. it’s funny i learn patience through knitting and letting my tangled mind being untangled in the process. i love that feeling.

1. i knitted a grey shawl for bhumy, but it was still messy and i guess it’s too big for him. i knit it the wrong way too. hahahha. not bad-lah for first timer. i wear them now.

2. i knitted a mixed of green shawl for myself. had a slight mistake in the process. but it’s okay. it look nice, very soft and looking good. my favorite shawl that i wear on the cold days in bogor and on my night out by the motorcyle. i love this piece.

3. i knitted a shawl from the left over yarn, but it turn out to be a hat being join together for bhumy. i should be starting to learn to knit a proper hat for him. sorry boy, momma’s still learning.

4. i knitted many some squares coasters from some leftover yarn. i have a set now, althought they’re not quiet in the same size *doh*. i learn the variety of yarn, mixing their color and yeah, about measurement too.

5. i knitted a grey shawl for my brother, chris, with my new knitting tools from daisho. having an almost perfect shawl. i’m getting used to this and quick too.

6. i knitted a white shawl for my brother’s girlfriend’s, juli. so they will be send via post tomorrow for a valentine’s and chinese new year’s gift (i know it’s a bit late, but i’m proud of this works). knitted by love for those two lovebirds. just done with the packaging tonight.

on progress:
7. wanting to make sort off a sleeve for myself. we’ll see how it look. i’m learning new knitting techniques too, before just a basic knit. learning new stuff from here.

projects in mind:
8. making a big scarf for juli’s mother, she’s sick and it reminds me so much with my own mother. i want to make her something warm from the heart.

9. a sweater for bhumy, oh how i want to get more yarn from tobucil. this addiction is comforting and dangerous in the same time.

i found my mom’s old women magazines, i’ll share it when i get the chance to hold a camera or a scanner. some knitting techniques and samples, great stuff. wonder if they still have this kind of stuff now.

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