finding a solution to carry the toddler

my baby boy is nearly 18 months now. he likes running around, mumbling words, and really anxious if we’re about to go outside. he is having his attachment period with me and also, yes, the toddler tantrums. he likes to be carry a lot too nowadays. and going to yogya next saturday, i have the urgent need to find a carrier that would solve our problems.

having my status as a single mom now and carried my baby boy everywhere i go, every time i can, i need a good, no, well a great carrier as a life saver and doesn’t break my back (which already having some strain to it which i desperately needing a massage). i might find it just a moment before i post this, it’s in my wishlist, but in number 1 priority even the camera had to wait. my laptop charger just blew up, i need a new one, that for sure.

so it’s 2010, it’s time to save and buy the things i need the most. this one i need the most: BOBA Baby Carrier. it’s 100 % organic cotton and look how comfy it looks. *crossing my fingers that i could order this by the end of the month*

for now, let’s just droolll over this pictures : P~

4 thoughts on “finding a solution to carry the toddler”

  1. Trid, aku juga mau gendongan itu. Regane piro. Btw, lagi ngerti nek dirimu single parent.

    kapan-kapan ketemua yo. Salam nggo Bhumy. Semoga cepat sembuh, Le…

    1. wah yoh kuwi, iki yoh aku bingung piye tukune, harganya 1,2 jt:P tapi emang mantap sekali yah, hahahhaha. aku ada yg lama, tapi bikin punggung sakit, mao? nek kuwi, ta wariskan saja.

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