the end and the start of everything

2009, i had to say, would be a closing year with a hard closing time. i’m separating with kadek permanently since november 2009. i don’t know whether we’ll ever could be together again. for that reason, i’m starting my life as a single parent to my son, bhumy. i had to think about my life by tearing everything to the last pieces of memories and having a fresh start for 2010.

it’s 2010 now. my son is going to be 18 months on the 14th. we’re in one of my auntie’s room in bogor. typing this while looking at the rain pouring over the window. the ground smell wet since we arrived here last month. my son is sleeping. recovering from his flu and our two days trip in jakarta. we are planning to be back in yogya by the 15th.

i feel like a new person somehow. with all it’s bright side and also some fear of my new life. a good friend of mine even joke why i’m still alive right now, with everything that has happen to me. i survive until today, so far that’s all that i know right now, and that alone already make me walking forward. it’s enough for now.

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