when the toddler start to sleep under 10.30 PM

this week bhumy has been having only a nap a day stage (he used to have 2 naps – morning, afternoon or afternoon, late afternoon). which made him sleep around 10 PM daily now. it’s been a relieve. since his sleeping schedule in bogor was kinda a disaster. especially when i work on my dateline late at night. he sleep around 1 AM. having this very active toddler around, it drains you sometimes:P

i understand that baby and kids need their routines. he is having his routine now when we finally FINALLY settled down in yogya (maybe just just occasional trip to jakarta and bali to see family or just holiday). he’s been traveling back and forward since he was 2 months old. but he’s a very good boy on trips. no hassle, just so many things to carry around, LOL. us with this baby and big big many bags.

but it made me sleep late. i think i need to detox myself away from the computer (don’t you?). i’ve been having an insomnia which made me sleep after 3 AM (and my son wake up properly around 9 now). distracting myself with knitting helps me away from the computer, but yes, the insomnia still goes on. i got the protest from my own body today. i have a bad stomaches and a slight diarrhea, i’m also afraid that my maag symptoms coming up again. i need to rest myself. so i spend the day lying in a pile of pillows and being sleepy. i need to do my yoga when i’m feeling well. the weather is not so good either, sometimes it can be hot as hell and suddenly the temperature drop. i just realized this afternoon that i need a hot water bath, after so many hot days and cold shower. it was relaxing. i need to buy some spices for bathing in the traditional market soon. i need some jamu also. tolak angin from the local warung so far had been a life saver when i’m nearly sick like this. i promised myself to sleep around 12 PM, which is another 15 minutes.

i need to listen to my body. i’ve been learning to listen to my own body since like the end of 2006, so far i never got really sick. just nearly sort off way. i’m listening to it now, it’s lullabying me to sleep

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