spinach mac and cheese

easy peasy recipe for your toddler and you of course:D

250 gram of macaroni pasta (any will do actually)
2 cloves of garlic, mince them
1/2 onion, mince them
1 bunch of spinach (red or green)
2 cup of milk/soymilk
1 tbsp of butter/margarine
cheddar cheese sprinkle (as you wish)
a pinch of basil
a pinch of pepper

1. boil the pasta like usual and ready to use
2. boil the spinach for 5 minutes (keep the color) and drain them, then mince them
3. put spinach and milk together in a blender
4. heat your pan, put in the butter, pour the garlic and onion. stir them until fragrant. add the milky spinach and cheese sprinkle. add the pasta and add the basil and pepper. mix them well. serve warm:)

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