the men who sew

now that we’re finally in yogya (i’m keep repeating myself that this is for good after many trips). and our sewing machine running nicely, we are going to start some sewing project at home. and yes, i’m going to attempt “the bernina” again, i did a recycle bag one time, stressed out with the logic of sewing (i’m better on hand sewing-although the last time i did it maybe when i’m in junior high), but curios to attempt it again.

by the title of this post, well, it’s not about me sewing. it’s about the story of the men who sew. it’s all in the family. it is my husband who basically having his on going relationship with “the bernina” right now, he even use it for making weird dolls based on his sketch (he is a visual artist afterall). and yes, last time we visit bandung, he is also having the urge to knit and buy a supply of yarn in tobucil. he manage to knit a baby hat (he just learn knitting like a few hours earlier) on our way back to yogya in the train. all the older ladies was amazed seeing this long haired tattoed guy taking out his new knitting tools and knit the whole night for his baby boy. what a sight it was:P

so this is the knitted hat:


from “the bernina”:



the two above are balinese traditional costume, kadek basically made the kain – more like a cloth wrap (modified from his left over scraps after making yoga pants from his old batik and cloth collections – will post them later), he also made the udeng – the head wrap. it was for a galungan picture sent to our family in bali.


this is a red monkey suit, my boy lovin them, it was for chinese new year this year in bogor.


the batik yoga string pants, will try to take more proper photos or dig my HD (i’m currently organizing them, just manage to nearly finish 2007).

anyway, another man i know who also sew is kadek’s father, bapak. my father-in-law made me beautiful kebayas (kebaya = tops to wear with your batik/sarung/cloth wrap, it’s formal attire in indonesia, but common as traditional top in bali and java) to wear for going to the temple or for ceremonial events. i love them with all my heart.


he made this one even before meeting me in person. love this piece. oh yeah, notice that luh de (my niece) dresses also made by bapak.


i wear this one for my balinese ceremony before the wedding ceremony take place.



sorry no proper photo on this one, but it is in detail, i love the buttons. lovely piece made by bapak last time. i wear it for bhumy’s 3 months balinese ceremony.


bapak and his sewing machine. old time good singer. it is maybe even older than my father or bapak himself. it was handed down from his parents (?), and when the japanese occupation (1942-1945) invaded bali, it was hidden buried in the paddy fields, afraid that it would be confiscated by the japanese army. bapak used this to make a living for himself and his brother when they were studying in denpasar. such a history. he painted it white last time (it was classic black, my husband don’t like the painting idea), it is put in the front terrace of the house in apuan, it is one of bapak’s great trophy and of course still in use:)

oh well, i guess it is in their blood:P this artsy balinese men. bapak is a traditional balinese artist himself (he design, build pura, make paintings, make statue, the list goes on, just name it and he can make things magically with his hand). my husband inherited this in a more contemporary way.

us the women, well, me and ibu like to sit and watch this men. LOL. i don’t know about my little boy later, we’ll let see and watch (still promising to get to know “the bernina” better XD).

ps: “the bernina” is how we called the inherited electric sewing machine from my mother, she bought it in the late 70s when she was in austria for study. although the machine is practically older then me, it runs smoothly still. i’m still looking where we can find a local repair in or service in yogya to have it tune up later on. will be posting them soon, it’s a classic:)

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