review #2: the cloth diaper issue

i always forgot to write on this again. practically cause i’m chasing after my son here and there now. i’m getting some doubt that i can finalized my thesis by the end of the year, because i nearly passed out every night when my son is also sleeping. so hard to be in the *begadang mood* again. anyway, back in yogya, the internet connection running pretty allrite (it’s okay but it’s on XP, huhuhu, i’m still browsing online to find some way to get my modem work on the new mac os leopard snow, which i love it soo), so yeah, i’m back commiting to blog again.

bhumy is 15 months old now, i only put him in his cloth diaper if we are going out and at night when he’s sleeping, but sometimes not, depends on the weather situation. his cloth diaper is really useful if we’re at bogor, where the weather is much cooler. but in yogya, sometimes i just put cotton singlet and cotton shorts because it’s hot. i rarely put him in his pajama either. just t-shirt mostly at night, depends on the weather. he rarely pee while sleeping at night when the weather is hot either and manage not peeing on the bed in the morning when he wakes up (well, most of the time:P).

but yeah, using the cloth diaper for like 10 months now really really save money. i never buy disposable ever again and not planning to use them ever again. we have like 8 diapers currently, i don’t know if i wanna add more or buy training pants. for now it’s enough for daily uses.

the brand that i haven’t reviewed yet are his happy heiney and his bum genius.

Happy Heiney Velcro – Monkey Print
i love the print, material so thin. thin insert also, the problem started when bhumy likes to pull his velcro. only that really. no leak so far. i like to put in loopy doo insert for this one too.

Picture 058_resize

Bum Genius Velcro
a thin fitting one. great absorbent. loopy doo insert work with this one too.

Picture 027_resize

the two brands are my most favorite so far, i love loopy doo insert too (it’s rather expensive but, it’s hemp so it’s organic and yes very thin but very absorbent). i might have to change to snap because bhumy likes pulling his velcro tab. but velcro tab is very convenient and easiest to use in adjusting your cloth diaper to your baby. i’m really considering to buy training pants soon, my son is practically running around now (planning to potty train him soon too).

because of frequent uses, some of them may leak (to the detergent residue built up), if this happen i just do some diaper stripping, put them in a bucket of hot water and using dishwasher soap. i never experience smelly diaper problem so far, i hand wash mine daily with regular rinso or so klin higinis.

the only bad thing using cloth diaper is that they come in those cute prints, various brands and looks so nice, hahaha, it’s addictive, so far manage to hold myself for not tempted buying more and more. ideally for everyday used you should have around 15-20. we manage to survive until now for just 8. hehehe.

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