spagetti napolitana turning arabitara

everyone loves a good spaghetti, being vegetarian made me in love with everything with napolitana sauce. but being an indonesian and having a balinese husband for that matter, we love to spice things up a bit. i’ve been making spaghetti bolognaise since like 5 years ago. and improving my own napolitana sauce, i got one of the best mix today, it’s so delicious that i even forgot to take picture of it. i’ll definitely going to make more of them anyway in the near future.

500 g of pack spaghetti
1 onion, mince them
3 cloves of garlic, mince them
5 big fresh tomatoes, mince them
3 celery sticks, mince them
1 tbsp of basil leaves
1 teaspoon of fresh pepper, grind them slightly
2 teaspoons of salt
olive oil
cheddar cheese, to sprinkle onto the spaghetti

1. boil the spaghetti with a sprinkle of salt and olive oil, until well done, drain them, set aside
2. put some olive oil in the pan, put in the onions and garlic, stir them until they soften and give a nice smell
3. pour in the tomatoes, add a glass of water, continue stirring
4. put in the salt, pepper, basil and celery
5. keep on stirring them up until it thickens, it maybe took around 45 minutes or soo
6. set the spaghetti into the plates, put the sauce on top and sprinkle them with cheese

NOTES for turning it to arabitara sauce:
add some fresh mince chillies (how hot it is depends on how much you put in the chillies) along with the tomatoes. for me, i add them later when the sauce thickens and setting a bowl of sauce aside for my son, and add the fresh chillies for us, boil them for like 5 minutes, and there you go napolitana turning to arabitara sauce, hmm, yum:P~

1. use the freshest ingredients available, i’m off with having tomato puree cans in making pasta, it leaves me with an icky bitter sweet filling, fresh homemade tomatoes sauce are the best of all.
2. another thing that i learn in a hotel dining one day in preheating your pasta. put some mince onions on the pan with a sprinkle of olive oil, stir them until golden brown, put in the cold pasta, stir it until warm. pour into a plate, serve with sauce and cheese sprinkle:)

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