“chicken” noodle jakarta style

if you ever visit jakarta or live in jakarta you must know mie ayam jakarta (chicken noddles jakarta sytle). i know it for all my life, that mie ayam jakarta is the one of the best oriental food existed. i practically cannot live without it. i know it first as mie ayam, when i went outside bogor and jakarta, this type of noodles style is known as mie ayam jakarta or mie yamin (mostly know in bandung/west java), it’s different of course than the central java ones, that i found in yogyakarta where i spend most of the last few years of my life there.

well, it is basically chinese style noodles (the good ones are mostly homemade but you could also used your regular factory ones), the only different thing is that you take the broth out or separated in a different bowl. read the history of bakmi here. my mother used to tell me that this style first came up in jakarta back in 1960-1970s, where bakmi gadjahmada (it’s one of the best in jakarta if not the world), just selling their noddles in the sidewalk not fancy chain restaurants (only in jakarta) like nowadays. then in bogor she said, the ones starting selling them is bakmi yung sin/sahabat, with the best tauco sambals and fish balls ever.

throughout my life i had some of my favorites, in bogor are:
1. bakmi yun sin/sahabat
2. mie kita (just been up the last few years, but they are great)
3. bakmi dorea
4. bakmi gaya tunggal
5. bakmi restoran baru
6. bakmi tasik
7. the one selling in front of my old junior high, exactly in front of regina pacis bogor high school (the guy even made his version like the yung sin version, with salty and sweet option)

in jakarta are:
1. bakmi gadjah mada
2. bakmi gang kelinci
3. bakmi naga

haven’t really found good ones in bandung or even in yogyakarta (which had branch from jakarta), i’m still searching.

the real problem started when i decided to become vegetarian in the end of 2006. like i said i cannot live without mie ayam. my only solution then was to take off the chicken topping, if they have it with mushroom, i ask only mushroom and add a lot of fresh green onions. it’s still great and refreshing.

i came up with the idea of making my own “chicken noodles”, my styles of course. i was looking on a couple recipes online and trying to figure out the ingredients they put in the process (when you deal with everyday cooking, your tounge got more sensitive). so i basically i try to change the chicken with mince tofu (silk or regular ones). and damn they are great, i even haven’t try with homemade noodles, just using the store bought ones (the dry ones, that you have to boiled first). i used this recipe as a reference. after the third try, i confidently share this modified recipe:

“chicken” noodle jakarta style

Picture 047

1 pack of ready noodles (wet or dry, for the wet one you just have to wash them in hot water, the dry one you have to boil them first then drain them), i used dry store brought ones “mie telur cap ayam” brand 200 gram size make around 3 bowl of noodles
chinese soy sauce
garlic oil replacement for chicken oil

garlic oil:
5 clove garlic, crack them
1 cm ginger slice
2 green onions, cut into two
100ml vegetable oil
2 tbsp sesame oil

1 litre of vegetable broth (from garlic, green onions, sesame oil, add ginger if you like or other kind of green chinese vegetables)
2 green onions, slice thinly

“chicken topping”:
1 pack of silken tofu
50 gram of mushroom (any kind)
3 clove of garlic, mince them
3 cm ginger, crack them
1 tbsp sweet soya sauce, bango brand recommended
1 tbsp chinese soya sauce/vegetarian oyster sauce
75 gram vegetable broth
salt and pepper, add as you feel like

fried red onions
yue choy, blanched
fresh slices green onions

stir fry tofu and mushroom
1. saute garlic and ginger until fragrant. add mushroom and tofu, stir evenly.

2. add vegetable broth, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, salt and ground white pepper. cook until all spices is absorbed and mushroom is done. keep a small amount of broth in the mixture. set aside.

homemade garlic oil:
heat the oil in a pan/wok until hot. add ginger and garlic, then turn off the stove and add green onions. let them cool, drain and add sesame oil in. transfer into a container and cover with the lid, you can keep the oil till a month.

1. in a pot, add water and bring to a boil. add dried noodles, cook until done and drain. combine cooked noodles with 2 tbsp soy sauce, 3 tbsp garlic oil, ground white pepper, and salt as desired; toss well.

2. place the noodles in a serving bowl. add the tofu and mushroom stir fry, and blanced yuey choy over. sprinkle fried red onions and sliced green onions over.

3. serve immediately with vegetable broth added with fresh green onions in a bowl.

they’re real great. using silken tofu make the topping stick along with the noodles. my son who really loves noddles and pasta, love them so much, he ate all his noddles in his small bowl. my brother is loving them as well. i’m getting him eating vegetarian food, while living with me the last couple of months, so it’s tofu and tempe, haha.

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  1. […] i always love noodles. especially this type of noodle. and bogor, where i grew up had some specialities in this type of noodle. many people called it just mie ayam/mie ayam jakarta/mie yamin. i remember when i was still vegetarian, i even crave this and made the topping from silken tofu with lots of green onions, you can check the recipe here. […]

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