bhumy today: one year old

we’re just going to take some photo of him blowing candles. but bhumy decided it’s sleeping time already (so early, eh, after the last few weeks sleeping at 11 pm, ohhh kids these days). he just met angie (my little cousin who just move to bogor), and they play together, how they look like brother and sister nowadays.

okay, i take the above statement back. he’s awake now. its seem he realized that i’m writing about him now. here’s the picture then:P

Picture 020

anyway, i’m preparing his birthday party on saturday afternoon. i just confirmed about the cake yesterday, with vina, my good old friend. she managed to squeeze her tight baking schedule for bhumy’s b’day cake. can’t wait to see them on saturday. oh yes, it’s going to be a good one. with special discount price and cupcakes bonuses (oh, i love you, vina. promise you next time i’ll order a month early). oh, yeah, she’s quitting her job this end of the month for her baking career that run so well:) if you happens to be around jakarta or bogor, i recommend to order her cakes:D make sure you are early in her schedules.

guest list check, food for lunch check, still thinking about the desert and drinks. dunno about making goodie bags yet. not really wanna give bhumy and the rest of the little kids coming some sweet stuff (i already order the cake with less sugar). one other thing, my editing work DATELINE, not check yet:P

okay, babyboy dragging momma to real sleep now. though after this, momma have to go back for her editing. come what may…

ah, the memory, of this day. when my little baby boy kicking and digging his way out to this world through me. so fast eh, he’s officially a toddler now. can’t believe he’s the little one that i deliver to this world back then.

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