hello again!

walking through life
walking through life

celebrating my blogging history that will reach a decade by next year. i decided to put my latest blogging activities into one site. though i’m still keeping my fiction separated and still using this site for keeping photos. oh, what a rememberance of my youth day back then and life takes me to where i am today.

hmm, let see: i’m still struggling with my under-grad thesis (3 years untouched due my family condition and my dateline is next year), i’m basically an orphan now (my mother passed away on 2006 and my father on 2008), but i’m also a wife and a mother now:), i’m back taking freelance job now (currently editing a film script now, thank god with the internet so i can work at home), i’m breastfeeding my baby boy still and planning to do so until another 2 years (please refer to imported posts below:P), i’m trying to commit to our little family vegetarian diet (it works most of the time), i’m still on the move even with the baby boy around (oh, it’s just destiny).

my latest fascination with life is of course my little baby boy. i’m warning you that i will keep on going about him on and on. me and hubby actually made a blog for him. i still cannot decide whether i’m going to separate that here, or oh well, i could just import them anyway (this facility doesn’t exist 10 years ago). i’m still travelling around with my little family (bogor-jakarta-yogya and bali). hope we could actually manage to stay in one place a little longer this time.

being a full-time mom and well working after the baby is sleeping for a couple hours, i still had to organize things that was left by my parents (like their house for example, which me and my brother cannot stay there 24-7 because of our own moving on life). anyway, with all the hassle, i’m just going to try to finish things the best i can. it’s hectic and this is the stuff you wanted to get it over and done with. oh, i wish it was that easy. argh, what the heck, i’m a multitasking person from the very start anyway. must do this things once more i guess. it’s the skill of a mom:P (i’m used to read thick novel books while breastfeeding nowadays).

well, despite all things starting now i’m keeping my daily rants here:)

4 thoughts on “hello again!”

    1. heyaaa:D motherhood is suprisingly good, i’m jugling between my baby’s coming up b’day and job dateline. great timing:P

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