losing all that weight

i was amazed this morning, when i put my mom pants on (i didn’t bring much clothes with me to bogor) and it was too big, even baggy. and i realized something after nearly a year that i had lost much weight. i’m even weight less than my pre-pregnancy weight.

i gain like 14 kg when i was near delivering which nearly made me reach 70 kg. now i’m 50-51 kg. damn, i nearly shed like 20 kg and i didn’t even do anything for it. well, accept breastfeeding and taking care my baby boy by my own from day one (with the help of bapak kadek most of the time of course). i did yoga, on and off. but that’s just about it and yes trying to commit to my lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. way to go breastfeeding:) makes momma’s back in shape effortless and makes a healthy baby boy:)

i cut my hair 2 times after bhumy was born. one by bapak kadek, a rough cut coz i was feeling too hot while breastfeeding in the summer weather last year. then got it fix shorter in the salon. i might want to cut it again or just trim it (bhumy loves pulling long hair).

i think i had to make some time for some personal treatment. man, i long for spa and head massage. hope i can find some time and yes, getting myself a new pair of pants (i left my only one in apuan, and one other jeans lost in the pile of my pre-pregnancy clothes). i love wearing dresses now after my pregnancy, just had to find some cut that allows me to breastfed. and more fitted dresses, all the dresses that i have now is quiet too big. for the budget, well thank god i’m in bogor and its rows of factory outlets:P too bad my favorite salon treatment is in yogya, i wish i can have IMAR here too.

*browsing online for fashion reference*

ps: not only me is losing weight, baby boy is slimming too with all his activities. baby boy in the picture at 11 months.

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