bhumy going 11 months and our nomad family

yeah, we’re back in bogor and back with regular internet connection. my macbook was in a weird condition while we’re in yogya last time. i prefer not to touch the laptop until i got myself an external HD to backup all the data. and after backing up the data, my macbook just run smoothly like before. weird eh? still need to check it up with a mac technician while we’re in jakarta. just in case we face similar problems in the future.

anyway, bhumy is learning to walk now. eating more easily with his 6 teeth (and biting me of course, ouchhhh). his hair is already growing. he’s cuter than ever. and he can say mama, bapa, mamam, mbah and the rest is still gibbrishh: dada, wawa, nguhhh, ihhhhh, etc. while we’re in yogya he’s sleeping until as late as 11 pm, waking up around 10 am in the morning. in bogor, maybe because of the colder weather he’s start to sleep around 9 pm again and waking up around 8 pm. oh well.

we’re back in bogor to take care the stuff here and i’m getting a job to in jakarta (althought still i’m mostly doing it at home and communication via online, so logically wherever we are it’s fine). but yeah, yesterday when i got my first meeting in the office, i had to leave bhumy to his father for 4 hours straight. that’s like the longest hour that i ever leave my son. first it’s weird, and made me sad when i was going to the office by myself. but i believe my son is okay, and he’s okay, just making little trouble with his father but the rest is okay. he didn’t cry or anything. my little baby boy is growing up and yes, he’s pretty independent. despite all things, bhumy is still breastfeed and i’m planning to keep that going until he’s 2 yrs old or even 3. we’ll see.

we just got back from yogya, bali, solo and back to yogya, then now in bogor again. so quite a travel. we cannot deny our faith as a bunch of nomad people, nomad family now. it’s our regular thing to pack and leave. and we’re getting used to pack more effectively with all bhumy’s stuff. his main thing is his eating table, we didn’t bring it to bali and the result he refuse to eat. and he got sick while we’re there, a little flu and cough but better when we reach yogya. thanks to “jamu cekok” across THR, it really works:) and Dr. Mini while he had his fever when his teeth was growing the second time.

oh, well, i’m starting to blog again of course, editing photos of bhumy later. bhumy is sleeping now with his blanket, no kicking this time in bogor, it’s quite cold and he knows it. we still have to clean and put the house safe for this very active baby boy in the next few weeks. and yes, we’re going to have his 1st b’day in bogor next month:)

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