his teeth and his first word

those white pearls are here. 2 little tiny mini ones on his lower gum. and yes, the biting is here with it. can’t say i don’t love them. for celebration, bhumy ate his biscuit by his own now, and biting them like crazy. he wants to eat by his own by now. bought a stick on mat today for preparation:)

oh yeah, we’re going to yogyakarta by plane on tuesday morning. moving the house to the southern area and going to bali for nyepi holiday. it’s going to be bhumy’s first plane trip. wish us luck (we’re going by lion air, can’t afford garuda for our limited budget).

another thing, he’s already calling me mama or mamam (means mom or eating or wanting to be breastfeed i guess or just want to be lift up by me) and abaaba (means father/bapak or playing with his dad). we’re really happy to hear those word, beside his first other first word, like nguhhhhh or ngehhhhhh since he’s like 2 months old (is this a word?). hehehehhe:D

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